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Peter Pan's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Peter Pan

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[20 Apr 2011|07:00pm]


A mixture of both old icons & new icons.

24 | Peter Pan.
18 | Green Day.
08 | Matt Damon.
04 | Lord of the Rings.
01 | Sailor Moon.
01 | Harry Potter.

HERE @ xsecondstar n_n

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[03 Apr 2011|05:18pm]


36 | Peter Pan.

05 | Billie Joe Armstrong.
01 | Matt Damon.
05 | Emma Watson.
01 | Morgana (Merlin BBC) → requested by eternalkanda.
02 | Helena Bonham Carter.
01 | Bellatrix Lestrange.

+ 8 blends/collages :D
02 | Matt Damon.
03 | Emma Watson.
03 | Billie Joe Armstrong.

01 | Matt Damon edit ^-^
01 | Billie Joe .gif banner (ft. his recent ovary-exploding Viva la Gloria camera rape ^-^)


HERE @ xsecondstar ^-^

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wallpaper! [02 Jan 2011|09:03pm]


Not really the place to post them, so if they're not allowed, feel free to delete!
However, you may choose to look ;D
Hope you like them! ♥

01 | Billie Joe Armstrong.
03 | Star Wars.
11 | Emma Watson.
03 | Matt Damon.
01 | Peter Pan.

HERE @ xsecondstar ♥

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[29 Nov 2010|10:46am]

Here @ quenchy

62 misfits
16 coffee prince
11 DTB
10 arakawa under the bridge
10 kimi ni todoke
10 playful kiss
8 dengeki daisy
8 lovely complex
8 personal taste
peter pan
eureka 7
skip beat
the office

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[24 Jul 2010|12:23am]

20 | billie joe armstrong.
20 | harry potter & the philosopher's stone.
+ 1 chamber of secrets.
02 | peter pan.
03 | (remakes of previous icons)

05 | billie joe armstrong.
04 | harry potter.
02 | empire of the sun. (picspam)

03 | billie joe armstrong.

HERE @ xsecondstar

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24 Icons + A Fanmix! [30 May 2010|02:40pm]

24 Icons:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
HERE @ staylost

+ a fanmix:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
love will kill & save me

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Peter Pan/Wendy Darling Epic Pic!Spam - In 3 Parts [19 Mar 2010|08:28pm]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(parts I, II, & III!)

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A Peter Pan epic cross over [28 Jul 2009|02:17am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: A distant fate
Rating: PG
Summary: A story about new heroes. Mega-cross over HP/PP/N
Genre: Action/ Crossover


Three chapters at my journal :)

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Icons [22 Apr 2009|01:28pm]

10 Peter Pan (2003) Icons
*part of a multi-fandom post
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
here at staylost 
public for now but JOIN to see past entries

(4 happy thoughts | you can fly!)

Peter Pan meets PCD [11 Feb 2009|12:19am]



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a few icons [07 Feb 2009|02:22pm]

Not many this batch, but more to come in the future.

( You can't catch me. )

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Peter Pan 2003 [27 Jan 2009|01:11pm]

The hidden depths of Peter Pan 2003


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FANFICTION CHALLENGE [19 Jan 2009|02:47pm]

What if after Wendy returned home to London, something happened to her and she turned into a mermaid?

More details here ----> http://queencyane.livejournal.com/9071.html

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Hey guys [17 Dec 2008|06:52am]

[ mood | anxious ]


so sorry to bother everyone when this has been inactive for so long... but does anyone have the soundtrack to this movie? I WANT IT SO BAD.
Email would be fine, or a direct link to a site where I can download it?


(you can fly!)

FANFIC. [29 Aug 2008|03:21pm]


Title: Perfection In An Imperfect World.
Author: Katie Louise Garner.
Fandom: Peter Pan (2003, because the fat cartoon Mr Darling doesn't quite do it for me as much as Mr Isaacs does :D).
Pairing: Mr Darling/Mrs Darling.
Rating: NC-17 to be safe.
Warnings: Sex but not smut.
Summary: Mrs Darling is inconsolably distraught about the loss of her children and her and Mr Darling find hope within each others comfort.
Disclaimer: All JM Barrie's characters.
Notes: As with a lot of my writing, again I'm not sure whether I'm happy with this. It's not especially long, but I'll often start something and think 'hey, this is going wellll!' but then I'll loose interest or I'll run out of things to say, etc and I end up not liking the piece very much at all. Then again, I think I've managed to use some good description and stuff in this one but I'd love some feedback. Constructive criticism is my friend, it helps me improve my writing so if there's anything that you don't like or would change, let me know. :)

Read it HERE @ kayteelou.

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Stories! [08 Jul 2008|12:31am]

Hello everyone!

I come as a storyteller bearing two that I wrote involving Peter!

1. Title: A Thimble
Pairing: Peter/Wendy
Rating: It's a little mature
Summary: He looked with wild, unusual eyes upon the girl that sat a kiss's length from him. I've come for you, his keen gaze explained to her ready heart.
Link: Here (forgive the layout)

2. Title: Peter Does it Again
Pairing: No one really, Peter and himself?
Rating: Fun
Summary: It's just all about Peter being awesome and spending a day in Neverland.. I wrote it after being absolutely horrified at how terrible those Disney prequel stories are by Dave Barry. Don't read those.
Link: Here

That's it.. enjoy!

(you can fly!)

Fan-Made Music Video [07 Jul 2008|12:11pm]

Fandom/Movie: Peter Pan (2003) and Finding Neverland
Song: "Fly" by Blind Guardian
Summary: Just the general message of the two movies -- valuing imagination and creativity, optimism, joy, courage... More specifically, the video is primarily J.M. Barrie's point of view as he tries to inspire Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and her sons (especially Peter), as well as Peter Pan's point of view as he initiates Wendy and her brothers into Neverland. Any fan of these two stories will quickly realize that this song is about them, with lyrics like Praise to my cleverness and Second star to the right.
Links: here

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Peter Pan icons! [05 Jul 2008|11:48am]

Hello, I come offering more Peter Pan icons. I posted some icons here a long time ago with promise of more to come. Well, it's been almost a year, but I've made some more. Enjoy.

( To Neverland... )

(you can fly!)

39 Icons + 15 Banner from Movie [16 Jun 2008|02:12pm]

39 Icons + 15 Banners from Peter Pan (2003)
++part of a multi-fandom post


here at my journal

(you can fly!)

Fanmix: In the Light of the Stars (Peter/Wendy) [10 Jun 2008|09:10pm]


Fanmix: In the Light of the Stars (Peter/Wendy)

PP-PWfanmix_300x300_preview.png picture by kvanskiver

(click the link to see notes, cover art, track list, and download link.)

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